Technology for Sustainable Development

We can meet the needs of the NGOs that have to interact technology innovations into their processes and communication systems.

GisAction is developing and realizing projects for NGO via GIS.

In the projects, we have conducted for the international organizations, GIS method was extremely important and one of the basic issues. GIS made the process of analysis, presentations, management and communication of sensitive data faster, easier and intuitive.

GisAction with its innovative components is capable of using all those data in which the spatial nature is important by using innovative methodologies and technologies.

Use of the geographic information takes on fundamental cognitive (fact-finding) component. Its involving into the analysis could have noticeable support to the quality of the working process and effectiveness of the communication improving decisive processes, research activities and representation of the information. We are proud of being able to hold up the projects for NGO-s and participating in analyzing and improving of our life conditions.