GisAction - Case Histories

The Worldwide spread of AIDS

To respond to the need to present indicators related to the spread of AIDS around the world, we have developed a web application, with navigable and interactive maps in which data can be consulted by segmenting the research by country, and in some specific cases, for sub-regions.

Map of climate risks in Italian cities

To understand the spread of climate risks and the causes that exacerbate the effects, it is helpful to analyze phenomena such as flooding, landslides, damage to infrastructure, etc. TeamDev has realized an interactive and updatable map, illustrating the damage caused by meteorological phenomena in Italian cities, supported by photos and descriptions.

Documentaries on migrants

We have collected a set of documentaries, reportages and short films, having as their theme “the migrants”, realized by migrant film directors. We have developed a “map tour” that geo-references them and segments them by theme.


We have open data ranging from the distribution of the children in the Municipality of Turin (Italy), to the childcare network (kindergartens, schools, playgrounds, pediatricians, etc.), developing a web application to display and consult fifty thematic maps. The set of maps, including one that shows the proximity of the services, is quite useful, in terms of analysis, as support during the planning stages.

Childhood Atlas

For many years now, we have offered our skills to support the realization of the GIS maps to be inserted in Atlas Childhood. These maps give a clear and concise description of the conditions of minors in Italy and their evolution. In some cases, the maps have become info-graphics to improve communication.

Environmental and Ecological Heritage

TeamDev is the first company in Italy to use “Storymap”: among the many that we have created, this is the one that illustrates, through maps, photos, videos, in addition to texts, the project to implement a ‘Beltway’ for bicycles inside Rome (Italy): GRAB (Grande Raccordo Anulare delle Bici), so as to better appreciate the monuments, points of interest and natural parks along the route.